The Star Ballroom, Sydney Darling Harbour

Mafi Australia is proud to announce the completion of the Event Centre flooring at The Star, in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. The transformation of the event venue was the final component of The Stars $870 million redevelopment as Sydney’s ultimate entertainment destination.

Familiar with the high demands placed on a floor in an environment such as this, specialist casino design firm, Sceno Plus Architects specified Mafi Domino Ash Vulcano Natural Oil as the Event Centre flooring. Mafi Domino is one of our most robust and exclusive ranges to date. Appointed by Brookfield Multiplex, Mafi were contracted to supply and install the ballroom floor.

The Star’s impressive Event Centre boasts a highly versatile space with the ability to convert into multiple arrangements. The space can be quickly transformed from the ballroom setting into a theatre by utilizing 720 retractable theatre seats that are readily stored to quickly fill the available 1,077 sq m floor area. The ballroom floor can host up to 4,000 visitors in concert form, 1,200 in ballet or banquet mode and 1,300 in a conference setting and is the largest banquet area of any hotel in Sydney*.

The Mafi Domino range is made up of individual end-grain blocks, providing for exceptional stability. This product was used primarily due to its ability to conform to the requirements of the retractable seating at the venue. Domino was deemed the only product that could withstand the weight and load of the telescopic seating.

The slab underneath the flooring also has deflection and bend.  It is the unique structure of the Mafi Domino end-grain blocks that allows the flooring to move with the slab. Another significant benefit of the Domino floor is that in the event of any damage, these spots can be replaced easily and without affecting any other part of the floor.

Well suited to the exclusivity and modern design of The Star, each independent grain block of Domino flooring differs in colour, providing a glamorous overall appearance. This colour variation is achieved with the Mafi Vulcano Heat Treatment.

The Event Centre also required a floor that was to clean and maintain.  The Mafi cleaning system is simple and requires only water and Mafi Oil Soap.  The combination of the all-natural Mafi Oil Finish, maintained using the Mafi Oil Soap hardens the timber surface whilst allowing the woods pores to remain open and breathable. Scratch and mark resistant, even high heels won’t permanently mark this tough surface. The chemical free, all-natural finish means any spills or marks are easily cleaned and removed by the fatty acids in the Mafi Oil Soap, which nourish and replenish the natural timber.

*Reference: The Star Pty Ltd, Pyrmont, New South Wales, viewed 17 January 2013, http://www.star.com.au/star-event-centre/Pages/About-The-Event-Centre.aspx.