Why Nordus?

Nordus veneers instantly give any room that Nordic, modernist feel. This simple collection of two Larch veneers has a real architectural integrity that can be effortless integrated into any interior.

Nordus product Image

Choosing Nordus

By embracing the Scandinavian lifestyle either Nordus veneer shade can be integrated in every interior.

Spring Larch White

The limed look of Spring Larch White really makes a statement and gives the room that crisp Scandinavian feel.

Spring White Image

Autumn Larch

A very now modernist feeling is what Autumn Larch exudes in spades. It says Mid century and it says it in an elegant accent.

Spring White Image

The most popular of our products consist of an MDF ‘carrier’ with a top sheet of your chosen veneer and a backsheet for stability.

This product is ideal for curved and bent surfaces as the timber fibres are broken up as part of a transfer process for easy manipulation.

For every look there’s a matching edge banding giving you a Total-Detail-Solution.

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