Why Ixora?

Ixora pre-finished wood veneered panels are ready-to-use, as easy to work with as a melamine board.

Choosing Ixora

There is almost no limit to the ways Ixora can be used – from kitchens to wardrobes in the home market, and from offices to bars or restaurant furnishings in the project market.

Veneer Grading

By combining wood veneer from different trees and with varying slicing techniques, Ixora offers continuous surfaces without optical interruptions. The result is a uniform quality without compromising on the vibrant aspect of wood.

Indoor Air Quality

Ixora complies with the strictest requirements for indoor air quality (formaldehyde emissions). The glues, stains and varnishes that we use to make Ixora do not contain ureaformaldehyd or other harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

By Colour

Any one of the collection of eight Ixora colours is ready-to-use without the need for further finishing. For all designs edge finishing is also available, both in veneer as well as in ABS.

Diamante Natural Oil

Sorano Oak White

Enna Oak Grey

Imola Qak Medium Grey

Atrani Smoked Walnut

Avola Raven Oak

Barletta Cinnamon Triba

Lugo Chocolate Oak

Joining Technique

Using a proprietary “mixmatch” technique and with years of experience in product finishing, Ixora panels guarantee a continuous look without significant visual interruptions and color consistency throughout your entire project.



Ixora pre-finished panels are made up of a top layer of veneer, an 18 mm (11/16”) MDF core and a balance layer on the back for stability.


Ixora pre-finished veneered laminates are made up of stained and lacquered real wood veneers laminated to a paper impregnated with a phenolic resin.

Edge Banding

For seamless edge finishing, you can rely on the Ixora range of prefinished edge bandings in various colours and styles. There are both ABS strips and veneer strips available.

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