Villa Peduzzi by Studio Daminato

Perched high above Lake Como with spectacular views sits the Studio Daminato designed Villa Peduzzi. Originally built in 1909 the Art Nouveau villa has been fully restored to exceptional standards by its new owners using the skills of architect Andrea Meirano and designer Albano Daminato.

With original frescos adorning the ceilings of each bedroom Studio Daminato turned to Woodos to advise on sympathetic flooring for this prestigious project to fit in with the tasteful mix of custom designed furniture and vintage to mid-century design classics.

To enhance the charm of traditional Italian villas and unite the unique combination of design elements Albano Daminato settled on Mafi Oak Clear Brushed White Oil. Sourced from sustainable forests in the heart of Europe, the Mafi range has become known as the Gold Standard of wooden flooring.

The spirit of Woodos is to bring together the best wood products the world has to offer and tailor them to a large range of applications and budgets. One of the most common areas where wood is totally at home is flooring but it doesn’t have to begin and end with conventional floorboards thanks to ever evolving timber technologies.

The sheer beauty and possibilities of a well selected wooden floor can enhance any space and generate a warmth every time you see and touch it. Studio Daminato had the confidence in Woodos and their expert knowledge acquired over decades, to give them the solutions they desired and the results speak for themselves.

Woodos is your entry into a wonderful world of enticing textures and colours, full of innovation and versatility. Woodos is Forever Wood.

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Frederik Vercruysse

Lighting Design:
Nipek / Shigeki Fuji


MAFI Oak Clear Brushed White Oil
MAFI Oak Country Brushed 1 x Natural 1 x White Oil