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Every Querkus panel is unique. From the enduring beauty of Natural Oak
through to the spirited Vintage, Retro, Intense and Smoked looks.

$-$$ querkus Natural Adagio
$-$$ querkus Natural Vivace
$$$ querkus Retro Harlem
$$$ querkus Retro Hoboken
$$$ querkus Retro Baltimore
$$$ querkus Smoked Arabica
$$$ querkus Smoked Robusta
$$$$ querkus Vintage Baltimore
$$$$ querkus Vintage Hoboken
$$$$ querkus Vintage Harlem
querkus Vintage Intense Baltimore
querkus Vintage Intense Harlem
querkus Vintage Intense Hoboken

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Nordus veneers instantly give any room that Nordic, modernist feel.
This simple collection of two Larch veneers has a real architectural integrity that can be effortless integrated into any interior.

$$ nordus Spring Larch
$$ nordus Autumn Larch

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From lighter natural tones through to the most exquisite darker shades the Ixora collection has something to suit every taste.

ixora Diamante Natural Oak
ixora Sorano Natural Oak
ixora Enna Grey Oak
ixora Imola Grey Oak
ixora Atrani Walnut
ixora Avola Oak
ixora Barletta Oak
ixora Lugo Oak